Am I Too Old for Braces?

Dr. Hendrix offers discreet orthodontic options for achieving straighter teeth at any age.
adult braces orthodontic treatment for adults kennett square paConsidering orthodontic treatment later on in life may be overwhelming for some patients. Dr. Hendrix believes that your smile is your best asset, and you should always feel proud to share it no matter your age. At Hendrix Orthodontics we offer discreet and effective orthodontic solutions and cater to the unique needs of adult patients.

Adult braces can help patients rejuvenate their youthful smile and boost they self-confidence and oral health. Straightening your teeth at any age can reduce your risk of tooth decay, alleviate TMJ issues and improve the appearance of your overall smile.

With two locations one in Kennett Square and one in West Grove, PA Hendrix Orthodontics is the go to the orthodontist in Chester County, PA. Dr. Hendrix is a specialist in orthodontic care with a background in general dentistry. Dr. Hendrix has dedicated his career to helping patients find appropriate solutions for correcting advanced orthodontic concerns.

Discreet Options for Adult Orthodontics

  • Invisalign Invisalign clear aligners are practically invisible, comfortable, and effective. A series of clear aligners are custom designed to gradually shift teeth into alignment. Patients are able to remove aligners during meal time and to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene during use. Invisalign is an ideal orthodontic treatment for adult patients who do not want the stigma or discomfort of traditional metal braces.
  • Damon Clear Braces Damon clear braces are so unnoticeable many people will not even realize you have braces on. Damon braces use self-litigating technology to reduce the number of visits needed to our office to tighten or adjust the brackets.
  • Oral Appliance Therapy For some adult patients with minor orthodontic relapse an oral appliance may be enough to correct the misalignment.

Read on to learn more about how real adult patients of Hendrix Orthodontics have benefited from adult braces.

Real Adult Patients Benefit from Adult Braces

“When my regular dentist suggested that I could benefit from braces, as a senior citizen, I thought, “Oh great, one more joy of aging.” I studied Main Line Magazine’s Top Dentist issue, where I found Dr. Hendrix, and after selecting Hendrix Orthodontics to do my treatment, my worries actually turned into a delightfully pleasant experience. Dr. Hendrix is a well-educated, skillful, and warm professional. He carefully explained my individualized treatment plan and throughout its implementation, he was very sensitive to the comfort and concerns of a more mature patient than one usually associates with braces. His work is meticulous. His dental associates and office staff were always caring and efficient. His modern office is immaculate and runs like clockwork. My appointments were scheduled to my convenience and ran exactly on time. Where else do you find that consideration in today’s world? The final outcome of my orthodontic treatment – a better bite and better dental health checkups. But the most pleasing aspect has been the comments from my friends and colleagues when they remark on my beautiful smile! I heartily recommend Dr. Hendrix to anyone considering orthodontia, no matter what age you happen to be.”

“As a baby boomer looking for the perfect smile, I cannot say enough about how happy I am with my orthodontic results! I had a few dental challenges for Dr. Hendrix to overcome, and he did so with flying colors. The entire staff is professional, courteous and friendly, making the monthly visits easy and pleasurable. I highly recommend Hendrix Orthodontics to anyone, at any age, looking for the perfect smile!”

Schedule An Orthodontic Consultation

Adults with any degree of orthodontic concern should contact Hendrix Orthodontics for a personalized consultation. Dr. Hendrix will analyze your oral health and cosmetic goals and help you build a treatment plan that will create a beautiful and healthy smile. To find out what adult braces option is best for your smile, contact our Kennett Square or West Grove, PA dentist office or schedule an appointment online.