Tips For Properly Cleaning Your Braces

OK, new braces are on, and now you can’t wait to get them off to see your new smile, right? Not so fast, if you want the best results possible, you are going to need these professional tips for cleaning your teeth the right way with braces. Cleaning your teeth with braces is now going to be more difficult and more time-consuming. Regardless, you are going to need to keep your braces on until treatment is complete, so why not take advantage, follow these tips and get the best results possible.


Brush Your Teeth & Braces Every Day

  • Food particles and bacteria can stick to your teeth and braces. Make sure to brush your teeth and braces thoroughly for a least three minutes. Also, make sure to pick up a nice supply of ‘Go-Between’ Brushes that are designed to go in between your braces and your teeth. These will ensure that you dislodge any food that may be trapped.

Floss Daily

  • Flossing with braces is just as important as flossing without braces. The one and the only difference is that you will need to thread the floss under archwire and between your teeth. A floss threader which resembles a large plastic needle with make this easier, however, is not required.

Avoid Using Tooth Whitening Products

  • This includes tooth and even whitening mouthwash. The reason for this is because the product will only work on places that they can reach. Whitening products will not be able to get behind your braces which means when you remove your braces; your teeth are more than likely to be whiter around where your braces used to be.

Make Sure To Not Over-brush or Brush Too Hard

  • Majority of patients even without braces, tend to apply to much pressure when brushing damaging your gums and tooth enamel. Especially with braces, make a note to not use medium or hard bristle toothbrushes. Remember, it’s not how hard you scrub your teeth; it’s about using the proper technique.

Don’t waste time and money by not properly maintaining your investment of braces. You have to have them for the smile you always wanted, so why not properly maintain them during the length of your treatment?

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