The Five Best Things To Eat With Braces

With Braces comes a lot of new things that you will need to learn such as how to clean them, and what you can and cannot eat. So we have taken the liberty to help you with what can eat while having braces and in our opinion are the five best things to eat. We know that everyone is different and has different taste, so we listed some of the easiest foods to eat with braces.

Easy To Eat Foods With Braces


  • Yogurt
    • Have you ever noticed how robust the yogurt section is in your grocery store? It is usually inexpensive and features several different flavors, toppings, etc. Yogurt is great for when you have braces as it requires no chewing and can easily be rinsed away with water.
  • Mashed Potatoes
    • Mashed potatoes are another excellent selection that requires no chewing, allowing your teeth and jaw to be more relaxed throughout the day. You can try instant mashed potatoes if you like, but we suggest taking the time and making them from scratch.
  • Ice Cream
    • Who doesn’t love ice cream? We do, and we are sure that you will enjoy some nice soft serve ice cream. Another choice that requires no chewing and just about everyone offers soft serve.
  • Soup
    • Soup is an excellent option as it is another option that requires almost no chewing. Try a regular chicken noodle soup, as it is delicious and helps soothe your throat in the winter time.
  • Pasta
    • Pasta is soft enough to chew leaving with endless options. Pasta comes in so many different sizes and just about anything can be added to them, such as red sauce (gravy depending on where you are from), butter, or even cheese for a nice mac and cheese dish.

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