Deep Bite Treatment

What is a deep bite?

deep bite overbite treatment kennett square pa hendrix orthodontics west grove paA deep overbite or deep bite occurs when the lower front teeth bite too close or into the gum tissue behind the upper front teeth in the roof of the mouth. When the lower front teeth bite into the palate or gum tissue behind the upper front teeth, significant discomfort and even periodontal (bone and gum) damage can occur. A deep bite can also contribute to excessive wear of the upper and lower teeth.

A deep bite can damage the health and function of your jaw and may cause damage to your teeth and gums. A deep bite may also impact the integrity of your facial structure. Treating a deep bite early on in oral development is key to avoiding secondary issues such as gum loss and potentially tooth and bone loss.

Children who receive orthodontic treatment for a deep bite early on in oral development can avoid future complications. Dr. Hendrix will screen children for any malocclusion or bite disorders and track the growth of your children bite throughout their development.  Dr. Hendrix will recommend a course of treatment that is suitable for their unique orthodontic needs.

Treating a Deep Bite

Treatment for a deep bite will vary depending on the patient’s age, the degree of malocclusion, cosmetic goals, and the presence of additional dental concerns. Patients may require additional dental work such as dental implants to replace missing teeth in order to support the alignment of the jaw after treatment.

Orthodontic treatment options for a deep bite may include:

A deep bite can be addressed at any age. To learn more about treating a deep bite, contact Hendrix Orthodontics. Hendrix Orthodontics has two convenient locations in Kennett Square and West Grove, PA. Call our office at or schedule your initial orthodontic consultation using our online form. We help children, teens and adults bring balance and health to their teeth, bite and smile.

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