How to Fix an Overbite

Do your front teeth protrude over your bottom jaw?

overbite protruding front teeth over bite treatment kennett square paOver bite, commonly referred to as an over-jet, is a form of malocclusion where the top teeth protrude too far over the bottom teeth. The upper front teeth protrude (stick out) beyond normal contact with the lower front teeth are prone to fracture. In addition, upper protrusion of the front teeth often indicates a poor bite of the back teeth (molars) and may indicate disproportionate upper and lower jaw growth.

Commonly, protruded upper front teeth are associated with a lower jaw that is either too short or too small in proportion to the upper jaw. Treating overbites in early development can help Dr. Hendrix gradually expand the jaw providing long-term results.

What causes an overbite?

Overbites are usually the result of genetics, however, myofascial habits such as thumb sucking cause the upper front teeth to protrude forward. Improper jaw formation, myofunctional habits, tooth thrusting and prolonged bottle feeding can all exasperate an overbite.

Overbites are a fairly common form of malocclusion and can vary in severity. More complex cases are often called a deep bite where the bottom teeth begin to make contact with the upper palate.  Even a minor overbite can cause damage to the teeth, gums and comfort and function of the bite.

Treating An Overbite

Dr. Hendrix will evaluate your oral health to determine the underlying cause of the overbite. Based on your oral exam Dr. Hendrix will make appropriate recommendations for treatment. Treatment will be tailored to your specific degree of malocclusion and will address any other orthodontic concerns you may have. Phased treatment is common and for many patients, a combination of oral appliance therapy and traditional braces are recommended to build a stable, healthy smile.

Treatment Options for an Overbite May Include

An overbite can be treated at any age, but early intervention during oral development often provides for more ideal results.  Children should visit the orthodontist for early screening by the age of 7 if they show signs of an overbite. Treating growing smiles can prevent the development of secondary dental health concerns and help your child grow a healthy, confident smile.

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