How to Fix an Underbite

How do orthodontists treat an underbite?

underbite treatment for underbite hendrix orthodontics kennett square pa west grove pa An underbite or lower jaw protrusion is a form of maloclussion that is best treated early on in development in order to avoid speech and functional issues. About three to five percent of the population has a lower jaw that is to some degree either larger or longer than the upper jaw. This may cause the lower front teeth to protrude (stick out) ahead of the upper front teeth creating a crossbite. Individuals with this type of bite should have their tooth development and jaw growth carefully monitored by Dr. Hendrix.

Prognathism is a form of malocclusion that ranges in severity and could be caused by a variety of factors from genetics to myofascial behaviors. Depending on the degree of maloclussion, an underbite can cause difficulty speaking and eating. Patients with underbites also experience breathing problems and increased risk of additional dental problems and tooth damage.

Treating an Underbite

Dr. Hendrix offers children and adult patients comprehensive, experienced orthodontic care for underbites. Treatment for an underbite will depend on the oral development, age, and severity of maloclussion. The goal is to bring alignment to the bite to provide a healthy, stable tooth and jaw development.

Treatment for an underbite can include:

Treating an underbite as soon as possible can help achieve results that will prevent complications later on in your child’s life. Dr. Hendrix offers to personalize solutions for adjusting the bite to provide a stable and comfortable smile. We provide comprehensive orthodontic services at our two convenient locations in Kennett Square and West Grove, PA. Call our office at or request an orthodontic consultation online.


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