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Hendrix Orthodontics provides comprehensive orthodontic services in Kennett Square, PA for children and adults. Our team of professionals is led by Dr. Jeff Hendrix, a Specialist in Orthodontics. Dr. Hendrix is dedicated to helping children and adults address concerns related to both the aesthetics and function of their smile. Your orthodontic treatment is tailored to your unique oral health needs and cosmetic concerns, recommended for you with the goal of supporting lasting dental health.

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Orthodontic Treatment Options

Hendrix Orthodontics offers a full menu of orthodontic treatment options. We tailor orthodontic services to your unique needs and goals helping you obtain a healthy, straight, and beautiful smile. When choosing the right orthodontic treatment, Kennett Square, PA orthodontist, Dr. Hendrix, will analyze your bite and considers your overall oral health, your age, and end goal.

What Does An Orthodontist Treat?

Orthodontics is often the only treatment option considered effective for certain complex dental problems or cosmetic goals when tooth movement is required to achieve the desired result. Kennett Square, PA orthodontist, Dr. Hendrix, treats patients with a range of cosmetic and dental health concerns including:

Malocclusion – When the jaw does not properly align means a patients has an overbite, or an underbite. Malocclusion can be corrected using orthodontic appliances, self-litigating braces, or ceramic braces. Treatment will vary depending on the degree of malocclusion and the personal goals and concerns of the patient.

Crooked Teeth – Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain over a long period of time. This may contribute to conditions that cause not only tooth decay but also eventual periodontal (bone and gum) disease and tooth loss.

Jaw Malformations – Some children are born with a smaller or misaligned jaw. As the child develops, it becomes evident that the bite is too small, large or misaligned. Treating a malformed jaw early on in life can help prevent difficulty eating, issues in speech development and TMJ disorders.

Gaps – Gaps or spacing between teeth can be closed using a number of orthodontic treatments depending on the size and location of the gaps. Gaps between the teeth can cause aesthetic concerns, but may also cause malocclusion or discomfort in the bite or jaw.

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To learn more about the orthodontic services we offer, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hendrix. We help children, teens and adults bring balance and health to their teeth, bite and smile with orthodontic services in Kennett Square, PA and West Grove, PA.

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